Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Confession plus day 2 and 3 of blog challenge

I know. I said I was going to post everyday. And then I missed the very next day. I know. I was just so drained yesterday. Between school and trying to help my sister with her resume and helping her boyfriend apply for new jobs, and trying to calm my mother down... I was just wiped out! It was just one thing after another yesterday and I am just crossing my fingers that my phone won't ring today. I don't want to be bombarded by anyone else's problems today. I'm pretty sure I may even be avoiding Facebook today so that I just don't have to do it!

My mother (God bless her) has a bit of an alcohol problem. I love her when she's sober, but she's a mess when she's been drinking. Last night, she was convinced we all hate her. It wasn't the first time she has believed that. But it was the first time I didn't try to correct her. When she's like that, there's no talking her down. And it used to be that she would remember what occurred the night before (or so she would say). But now that we remember what happened the night before, we are realizing how much she doesn't. We have a lot of "oh, yeah" moments from her. And a lot of, "I don't want to be my father," moments. And last night, we had an, "I'm going to AA," moment. That was a first. But my mom loves pity when she's drunk. It allows her to escape her guilt or feel forgiven. And she also loves attention. So it is hard for me to believe she might actually do it. I want her to do it. I would love it if she does. But I've learned that you can't trust the word of someone who's been drinking.

But enough of that depressing stuff. Let's move on to the challenge!!

First we have Day 02: The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name. My blog name is "My Live-Laugh-Love Life." I called it that because that is my goal. I want to Live Life, Laugh Lots, and Love Forever! I really do want to be more positive and more realistic. The header "Baby Steps" is how I plan to get there, one Baby Step at a time. You can't expect yourself to just go from point A to point B without taking the steps to get there. And steps that are too big or too quick can be scary, so I've decided to just ease my way in that direction.

And to catch us up, Day 03: A Picture of You and Your Friends.

This is Brielle, me, and Krys. This was taken before Krys's wedding in 2010. We've since separated, but I still call them my friends.

This is me and my sister. She is one of my best friends. I can tell her literally anything!

These are my sisters-in-law and me at the 5k Cystic Fibrosis walk. I'm proud to also call them my friends.

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